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About Us

Mollys Funeral Parlour, opened in 1995, began as a small, fledging funeral home and is now one of the major funeral homes in the Free State.

Mollys Funeral Parlour has dependable staff that offers caring and personalized service to families.

Still family owned and operated, Mollys continues to serve the community with Honour, Dignity and Respect.

Molly’s family feels our staff is second to none. Our men and women have entered this field of service to care for the needs of families who have a grieving moment in their family.

They care for the living who are experiencing the change in life from the loss of a loved one. We hope for mutual respect as we see to your needs and wishes.



Our mission is to encourage a customer centric nature in business, mainly focused on delivering services beyond expectations and eventually to outdo competitors, and provide services that others will imitate and follow.


Our vision is to attract and bring back the lost dignity and honour of mankind in the funeral industry and the funeral rituals, by providing services beyond human expectations.


• Mollys Funeral Parlour with its fleet of decent roadworthy vehicles will transport the body of the deceased with dignity and respect at all times.

• A mourners coach will be available with every repatriation and funeral services done for our clients.


This is the benefit that is offered to the long distance, travelling body of the deceased Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana and Mozambique to ensure that the body arrives home in good conditions.


• The company is working according to the National Standards of Department of Health.

• The company is working according to the rules and regulations implemented by the National Body called “SAFPA”.

• Mollys Funeral Parlour has got a Health and Safety Policy in place.

Mollys Funeral Parlours motto is Honour, Dignity & Respect. We stand by our motto by guaranteeing quality service at reasonable and understandable times.

Mollys Funeral Services © 1995 - 2021 All rights reserved

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