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A person who accepts the Terms & Conditions as well as fees as set out in this contract /schedule with Molly's Funeral Parlour. The Member or Applicant must be able to afford and pay the monthly fees.


Main Member

Age Category Waiting Period

65 - 84 6 months

85 - 90 6 months

• In the case of death due to natural causes, value or any increase in value will be subject to the

standard waiting periods.

• If a member's funeral benefit should lapse and the member applies to re-join the scheme at a later

stage, the same conditions as for new membership will apply.

Unnatural Death/Accidental Death

Immediate Cover will apply subject to payment of first fee.


24 month waiting period applicable from date of first fee received.

• For fees received after the 7th of the month, the Funeral Benefit will commence on the 1st of the

following month.

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