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Molly's Funeral Parlour, opened in 1995, began as a small, fledging funeral home and is now one of the major funeral homes in the Free State.

Mollys Funeral Parlour has dependable staff that offers caring and personalized service to families.

Since 1995, Mollys Funeral Parlour has paid tribute to the time honoured traditions of the South African community.

Our professional and caring staff takes pride in providing high quality and affordable funeral services that meet the special needs of your family. We pride ourselves with our well maintained grave sites which guarantee your loved ones' graves will be easily accessible and well secure at all times.

We offer a complete range of quality services from Funerals to Catering services, and are experienced at honouring faiths and customs.  We invite you to contact us with your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we are glad to arrange a tour of our elegant facilities.

Still family owned and operated, Molly's continues to serve the community with Honour, Dignity and Respect.

Molly's family feels our staff is second to none. Our men and women have entered this field of service to care for the needs of families who are grieving.

We also take care for the living who are experiencing a change in life from the loss of a loved one.

We hope for mutual respect as we see to your needs and wishes.

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