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Dependants are covered according to their age bands which are

• Stillborn will be covered for 20% of the policy cover amount

• 0 – 11 months will be covered for 20% of the policy cover amount

• 1 - 5yrs will be covered for 40% of the policy cover amount

• 6 – 13yrs will be covered for 60% of the policy cover amount

• 14 – 20yrs will be covered for 100% of the policy cover amount



• Biological unmarried children under the age of 21 years, unmarried full-time students who are 21 or

older but under 26.

• Physically and mentally disabled children who do not receive a Government grant are covered as long

as their parents remain members of the scheme.

• Foster children - if such a child has been legally adopted / who is being cared for on a permanent basis

due to direct family being incapable of caring for child (welfare documentation to be supplied).

• A maximum of 4 children are allowed on the contract. Extra costs will apply for each additional child.


Still-born child

• A child whose death occurred after 26 weeks of pregnancy.


Extended Family

An extended member aged 21 – 64years on the same policy will be covered with R10 000 with a monthly fee of R80 per member on the same policy and must never exceed four.

Any person from the age of 21 up to the age of 64 years at the time of qualifying for the Funeral Benefit and is nominated in writing to Molly's Funeral Parlour by the Main Member, and for whose funeral costs the Main Member is financially responsible.

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